The marketing consultants tell me I should be blogging

…but, in my opinion, the world does not need another source of boring tax law updates.  Instead, I want to provide some Central Indiana local flavor, humor, AND boring tax law updates.  So, here goes…

I’ll do my best to keep this space filled with tax law updates, and ideas that can help small business owners make more money, or improve their quality of life…This space may also contain:

  1. Pointless complaints about things that are out of my control…e.g. small businesses are being slowly, but systematically consolidated into one, gargantuan big-box store…tragic.  Is the spirit of American small business is endangered?  I believe it is; and future generations will be worse off because of it.
  2. Pictures of food I would like to eat (I’m dieting and I dreamed about Dairy Queen last night)
  3. Whining when the Colts lose, Peyton Manning throws a pick-six, or Bob Sanders breaks his body