Would Peyton Manning be a good business owner?

I miss football already.  But, just because I can’t watch football doesn’t mean I can’t write about my favorite quarterback.  If Peyton Manning weren’t blessed with the laser-rocket arm, would he make a good business owner?

Yes, he would be.  Here’s how I know:  If you google his name, you’ll find countless stories of how much time he spends watching game film.  And, about how he arrives at the stadium exactly two hours and forty-three minutes before each game and has every single minute of his pre-game routine planned out ahead of time.  And, how he religiously follows this pre-game routine the same way for every single game.  Why does he go to all that trouble?  Because he believes that to consistently win football games, he needs a very refined system and to stick to it.  He would develop similar systems if he was a business owner like you and me.

I agree with Peyton on the importance of systems.  In fact, the most important thing I’ve learned in business is this:  If you want to build a business that can operate without you, you need systems.  A business that has strong value is one with strong systems.

A client recently asked me “What’s the most important system for a business?”  I had to think about it for a minute…I thought to myself, “Is there really one system that’s more important than all the others?”  I think the answer is ‘yes, there is one Ultimate System that is the most important of all.

So, what’s the Ultimate System?  If you guessed any of the following, you’re wrong:

  1. QuickBooks or any accounting system
  2. Sales, marketing, or CRM systems
  3. Eminem’s latest hit single, “The Sistum Sucks” (ok…maybe not a real song, I made it up)

I think the ultimate system is the system for developing systems!  They don’t develop themselves…just ask #18…he worked hard to develop his systems.  Even the most energetic business owners will tell you that developing systems is a challenge.  Like any other business process, the key step in creating good systems is to develop a system for it.  First and foremost, we need a system for how our business develops its systems.

EmythMy clients and friends know that I’m a believer in the concepts discussed in The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. If you own a small business and have not yet read this book, do yourself a humongous favor and read it right now, not next week…right now.   It’s available on Amazon.com for about $11.  This book has dramatically improved the lives of countless business owners.  If you only read one business book in your lifetime, this is the one.

I’ll write some more on this topic in the next week or so.  For now, think about how to build this system in your business.