Jeffrey Gitomer’s new book, Social Boom

Social Boom

I just finished reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s new book, “Social Boom“. It was about $15 on Amazon.  I was looking for books to help me understand how to use social media for marketing my small business.  The book is written on a very basic level and was a quick read.  It covers me the basics of Facebook “pages”, LinkedIn, YouTube channels, and blogging for business.

Social Boom” is full of practical tips on how to set up and pimp out my business social media pages.  I got a lot out of the write up about how to make my LinkedIn profile stand out.   The tip I was most excited about was how to use  Google Presentation to embed a YouTube video into my LinkedIn profile.  The instructions on how to do this were simple enough.  But, there may be a glitch in the application.  I tried and tried, but couldn’t get this feature to work properly…some visitors saw the video, some visitors didn’t, and the Google app crashed repeatedly.  I eventually took it off my profile.  Overall, the practical tips in the book were helpful to me.

I was disappointed in how much space is devoted to convincing me that social media is important to my business.  I bought the book, didn’t I?  To be fair, it did motivate me to dig a little deeper into social media.

Social Boom” is really a compilation of short articles written by various people I never heard of (“social media experts”).  It seems only a fraction of the content is written by our beloved Mr. Gitomer.  So, the content isn’s as rich as I expected from a Gitomer book and it’s not nearly as entertaining as “The Sales Bible“, or “The Little Red Book of Selling“.  But, if you’re like me, you need help to get social media working for your small business.  This book is worth the $15 and the time it takes to read.