I need to do more online marketing; especially video

Now that April 15 has passed, I’m going to focus on doing a lot more online marketing.   Specifically, I’m thinking the best approach is for me to provide valuable (and free) online content to small business owners in the form of online video and blog posts.  I’m hoping this will help:

  1. Help my Google search rankings (I can’t afford $3k per month for real SEO services)
  2. Generate credibility for our firm when prospects research my business online
  3. Serve as a sales tool for my salesperson

I’m working on a YouTube channel and will be creating a series of short videos on a wide variety of topics including business management, taxes, payroll, and accounting.   If there are any topics of particular interest to you, please leave a comment and I’ll add your topic to the list.

As a first step, I recently hired a professional videographer to create some video testimonials for my CPA firm.  I was expecting it to be too expensive, but it was very affordable.   I think it turned out well, if not a little too polished.  I’m not sure it has a “small business” feel to it, but I think it works.