Shameless plug: Firm receives a national award!

Typically, I won’t promote my businesses on this blog…today I’m so proud, I can’t help myself. My accounting firm has been recognized as the “2011 Accounting Firm of the Year” by our peers in PASBA (Professional Association of Small Business Accountants). The award was presented at the PASBA National Conference at the M Resort in […]

I need to do more online marketing; especially video

Now that April 15 has passed, I’m going to focus on doing a lot more online marketing.   Specifically, I’m thinking the best approach is for me to provide valuable (and free) online content to small business owners in the form of online video and blog posts.  I’m hoping this will help: Help my Google […]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s new book, Social Boom

I just finished reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s new book, “Social Boom“. It was about $15 on Amazon.  I was looking for books to help me understand how to use social media for marketing my small business.  The book is written on a very basic level and was a quick read.  It covers me the basics of […]

Would Peyton Manning be a good business owner?

I miss football already.  But, just because I can’t watch football doesn’t mean I can’t write about my favorite quarterback.  If Peyton Manning weren’t blessed with the laser-rocket arm, would he make a good business owner? Yes, he would be.  Here’s how I know:  If you google his name, you’ll find countless stories of how […]

The marketing consultants tell me I should be blogging

…but, in my opinion, the world does not need another source of boring tax law updates.  Instead, I want to provide some Central Indiana local flavor, humor, AND boring tax law updates.  So, here goes… I’ll do my best to keep this space filled with tax law updates, and ideas that can help small business owners make more […]