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What Makes TMA Accounting Different from Other Accounting Firms?

What Makes TMA Accounting Different from Other Accounting Firms?

Each accounting firm or service provider has their own way of operating and serving their clients. While the goal for each is ultimately the same, they may have different approaches to getting there. TMA Accounting has unique traits and elements that make us different from other accountants you may have worked with. For 25 years, we have provided solutions to small businesses and their owners. Understanding what sets TMA Accounting apart from other accounting service providers is the first step in your decision process. 

Solutions Throughout the Year

While traditional accounting services typically take place at year-end, TMA does not. We work with hundreds of small business owners throughout the year to keep their bookkeeping updated so they can focus on running their businesses. Along with bookkeeping help, we provide small businesses with tax preparation services. We help small business owners understand their tax compliance and obligations throughout the year.  This is important to business owners because it helps avoid surprises when it’s time to file taxes. 

By working with the business owners throughout the year, TMA helps them better understand the business’ tax position throughout the year instead of not knowing where they stand until after the end of the year.   Having this information available allows business owners to plan and manage their business much better. It can be beneficial to have an accountant help monitor the tax situation during the year.

What Makes TMA Accounting Different from Other Accounting Firms

Fixed-Fee Billing

Unlike almost all “traditional accounting firms” that work on an hourly billing model, TMA operates on a fixed-fee billing model. Traditional accountant hourly rates can range from $125/hour to over $300/hour for experienced CPAs. The hourly billing model doesn’t allow small business owners to know how much they will be charged until the work is completed. In our experience, this approach doesn’t make sense for small businesses.

We believe our fixed fee model provides more value for our small business clients. The fixed fee billing model is transparent for the small business owner, as they know the cost of the service before it is rendered. It allows the small business owner to budget the cost of the accounting service each month with no surprise expenses.

We’re A Small Business, Just Like You

One advantage we’re proud of is that, like all of our clients, we are also a small business. We know first-hand what it takes to own, operate, and grow a small business in today’s world. We believe this gives us an advantage when serving our small business clients. Through the decades of helping small businesses, we have created processes that work for them. 

Since 2005, TMA Accounting has been an active member of the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants (PASBA). PASBA is a non-profit association of nearly 300 accounting firms. Our membership gives us access to the inside scoop on best practices for serving small businesses and their owners. We’re proud to have been recognized as PASBA’s “Accounting Firm of the Year” and of having served two terms on PASBA’s Board of Directors.

Full-Service Payroll Provider

Not only is TMA licensed as an accounting firm, but we’re also a full-service payroll provider. Nearly all our small business clients see the advantage of having bookkeeping, taxes and payroll done “under one roof.” Our payroll solution has all the benefits of a large payroll provider but with more care and attention that small businesses need and deserve. 

If you're a small business owner seeking a new solution to accounting service needs, understanding what makes TMA Accounting unique is a great first step towards unlocking a more efficient and effective business future. Have questions? Reach out and let us know.


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