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How TMA's Payroll Service Works

How TMA's Payroll Service Works

Twenty-five years ago, TMA was focused solely on helping small businesses get a handle on bookkeeping and taxes. Providing payroll services was not part of our plan. As time passed, we discovered that handling payroll was frequently a big challenge for our clients. Then, one of our early clients persuaded us to help them with their payroll… Twenty-five years later, TMA has a dedicated team of payroll professionals who handle ongoing payroll processing for around 300 employers and nearly 5,000 employees.    

A common question business owners ask us is, ‘How does TMA’s payroll service work?’ Choosing to outsource payroll is a big decision for small business owners, and they want to know they are making the right decision. Small businesses already outsourcing to big payroll companies often need much better customer service and access.

Here’s what business owners can expect when working with TMA’s payroll team.

Getting Started with TMA Payroll

Once you begin your service with TMA Payroll, you’ll have a ‘kickoff’ meeting (in-person or virtual) with one of our Certified Payroll Professionals (CPP). This is a great time for us to answer general questions about the best ways to handle a crucial function - paying employees. We typically provide instructions about how to coordinate with us for recurring payroll processing and provide some training on how to use our online payroll platform.

What’s TMA’s Process?

After the kickoff meeting, we will assign one of our fantastic Payroll Specialists to work with you on your account. Each Payroll Specialist on our team has earned the FPC certification from PayrollOrg (formerly the American Payroll Association) for their mastery of payroll concepts. They will serve as your primary point of contact to help keep you on track with all the details and deadlines of small business payroll on an ongoing business.

They will work to get to know you and your business and help you eliminate the hassles from your process for paying employees.

No two small employers are alike, and they have unique needs. Our process begins by gathering essential information from the client, including tax IDs, employee details, withholdings, and any additional requirements such as back wages. For brand-new small businesses, we go the extra mile by offering to handle certain initial tax registrations.

Personalized training sessions follow, where we help you navigate our secure online payroll system, iSolved People Cloud. iSolved's cloud-based platform ensures accessibility for small business owners and managers who are always on the go.

Other Tasks for the Business Owner

Once you’re familiar with our payroll platform, you’ll use it to report employee hours to us for processing. We handle the rest, making the process as hands-free for business owners as possible. Do you hire many people throughout the year and want to automate that process?

No problem! We can provide electronic onboarding, which allows the employee to complete all essential new hire forms electronically.

What is the Reporting Process for Clients?

The reporting process for the employer is relatively simple and user-friendly. Using iSolved, employers report hours on a simple web page that allows you to preview the total hours and your cash requirements before submission.

With our employee timekeeping system, it’s even easier - simply review that all the hours are correct and complete before clicking the button to submit your payroll to TMA. Once processing is complete, you can access employee and payroll data online in real-time.

Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Filings

We also handle the preparation of ongoing payroll tax filings. Our team handles the filing process, providing clients with peace of mind.

When the end of the year rolls around, we can prepare employee W-2 forms and make them available to employees via a secure online portal.

The Convenience of Having Everything Under One Roof

Our small business clients tell us that using TMA’s payroll service is a game-changer because they have one point of contact for bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll.

TMA aims to deliver a comprehensive solution that simplifies payroll management for small businesses. From day-to-day tasks to quarterly filings, we make it easier. Book a meeting with us today to see if we’re a fit to help streamline your payroll needs. 


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