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What Accounting Services Does My Small Business Need?

What Accounting Services Does My Small Business Need?

One of the most common statements we hear from prospective clients is, “I don’t know what services my business needs.” At first glance, accounting often appears overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate it on your own. Many small business owners may not know the services best suited for their unique needs. We are here to offer assistance and guidance tailored to your business. Here are some common services your business may need to reach its full potential.

Bookkeeping Help

If you consistently fall behind on bookkeeping, it might be time to get some help. Falling behind can lead to significant issues and inaccuracies in your bookkeeping, often resulting from a lack of proper bookkeeping skills or time available.

If you spend more time on bookkeeping than you spend on growing your business, this may mean you need help. Small business owners typically want to focus on business development, not worrying about their bookkeeping work piling up.

Tax Services

Nearly all small business owners need help preparing and filing business tax returns. We highly recommend working with an accountant who can help keep bookkeeping up to date during the year so that tax returns can be prepared immediately after year-end.  We do not recommend trying to “clean up” a year’s worth of QuickBooks data after year-end.   
Another thing an accountant can help small businesses with is the tax deductions available to them. Some of the most common tax deductions are:

  • Business travel expenses
  • Business vehicles
  • Insurance
  • Advertising/Promotion
  • Telephone and internet

Guidance and Consultation

Many small business owners tell us they are frustrated with not getting enough attention from their accountant throughout the year. Your accountant should be accessible to answer questions when you need help. If you only hear from your accountant after year-end, it may indicate that you need a different approach.

Payroll Processing Services

If you have received notifications in the mail from payroll tax authorities, you could probably use some help. These issues often arise from mistakes during payroll processing, potentially leading to the need for amended tax returns or complications with employee payments.

Business owners might overlook the importance of choosing a reliable and scalable payroll provider until it's too late. Outgrowing your current provider, especially regarding technology, can make it harder to manage employees. A reliable payroll provider should be able to scale to meet your needs.

Still not sure what services your business needs? Schedule a call with us, and we can guide you on where to start and help you determine what you’re looking for.

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